Life is about Peace, happiness, faith, mystical awareness, inspiration, spiritual passion, living everyday with intention & ambitiously!


                                                                  About Her


                                        Let me tell you a little about her. She was born in St Paul Minnesota & raised in South Minneapolis. She’s the youngest of five siblings. She was raised by a strong single hard working black woman who raised all five of them without a father in the home.


                                        She grew up in the area where George Floyds memorial stands now. She attended schools within the community, Standish and Bancroft elementary, she attended Fowell Jr. High and graduated from Roosevelt high school. She has her MBA from Minnesota school of Business. Her background is in Corporate Operations, Business management /administrative and a writer. She is CTA coach certified.  She owned & operated a Historic millwork family owned company with her husband who was the founder of the company in Minneapolis in the entrepreneur & private sector for 35 years. They specialized in residential homes from late 1800's pre 1950's. They also have a daughter & one grandson together.

                                       Their company over the years has completed many projects from replicating trim at the Governors Manion to other registered historic sites. Their specialty for replication was requested throughout the country. They received many awards & accolades for a small successful black owned business and giving back to the community.


                                       Her company was awarded three quarters of a million dollar contract for the Target field stadium build for their products and services for the box suites! Her company had a hand in many local historic projects as well as throughout the Country that she is very proud of! As she says, Hard work paid off!


                                       She mentored young black girls through her non - profit sector from the ages 8 to 18 years of age in the Minneapolis community for over 15 years. Helping them to achieve success in academic & Athletics by tutoring them, providing an outlet by creating a AAU Basketball team, teaching them how to fund raise and providing structure and accountability. She also took in three additional girls in her home & guided them through there most crucial time, high school. Allowing them to be themselves, giving many an outlet, courage and providing trust to come out and embracing the LGBTQ community.  As well as helping many achieve Academic & Athletic scholarships! many has continued to stay in touch as well as has gone on to become Drs., psychologist, Police Officers and she could go on & She couldn't be more proud!


                                      Being an Small Business Owner & the head of her very successful Millwork company, being a mother & a wife wasn't always easy but she always focused on balance with it all & making time for herself. 


                                       Throughout her life, she’s had her own personal struggles that she’s had to endure and fight through, fighting to be seen, being a black Woman, Small Business Owner of a millwork company that was a dominant male Caucasian  field when she started, to being separated for, then learning her husband was diagnosed with cancer, helping him through unfortunately a short five month battle, to being a widower, to then the biggest decision of all, continue their business or close the doors. She made the decision to close the doors and live her life and focus on her life dreams.  Make no mistakes about it, this was a very difficult process and journey for her. This required self reflection, self examination, life coach, therapy, prayers and God.

                                   Now that her first chapter of life is closed,  she's in the second chapter of her life. She is happy, living with full intention, transparency, she has reunited with her junior high sweetheart & first love and living her best life!


   " I personally lean on my faith, first & foremost. I restarted my spiritual journey with God at 44. My faith & belief in God has brought me through many dark times in my life. He is who I get up & thank every morning, throughout the day, evenings & night for breathing, blinking, standing, walking, talking and all the little things we take for granted, I no longer do. I believe walking the path of compassion, empathy, accountability and living everyday with intention is how I live my life. Being a mindset coach brings me so much joy"!



                                       As she said, she's loving & enjoying life coaching & consulting! She absolutely LOVES helping Women be their best selves and watching the transformations, she says are AMAZING!! 


                                       She personally got into coaching due to her battles and all the decisions that needed to be made in her life as you read above & she just couldn’t figure them out due to so many decisions that needed to be made on top of dealing with grief from her husbands passing amongst other close family & friends passing & a friend suggested to her to try speaking with a life coach, Her coach helped her work through the process & she said it was AMAZING! And she fell in love with the whole process of Coaching! she was hooked & began making it her sole purpose, helping and consulting Small business women minority owners and coaching individuals to Continue to be their best authentic selves while navigating their business, family & personal life!



She knows how to help you work through your process because she's been there!